SANS First Look: A Self-Supervised Learning Threat Detection Platform
The SANS Institute recently evaluated MixMode, download their First Look Report and watch the accompanying webinar to learn why the world's best security teams are choosing MixMode.

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What is MixMode AI for Threat Detection and Response?

Many large enterprises (F1000) are not looking at real-time analytics of their largest data environments. Why? Because in order to achieve real-time risk detection on a large-scale environment in the real world, you need to be able to achieve all three of the following:
1) Process massive amounts of data
2) Deliver precise detection of both known and novel attacks without overwhelming the customer with alerts
3) And do both 1 and 2 at a fair price

In this First Look Report, SANS examines MixMode, a platform designed to focus on delivering against all three of the problems above to give cybersecurity teams full visibility and real-time threat detection – at enterprise scale.

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MixMode’s platform ingests data from almost any cloud or on-premise data stream without the need for formatting or normalization and highlights any anomalous behavior. Our advanced self learning technology does not rely rules, thresholds, training sets, or threat intel feeds and can be fully deployed in 7 days. 

Seem too good to be true? 
We get that a lot. 

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"We have been saying for years that the more data, the better. However, standard cybersecurity programs often fail as organizations can’t make sense of it all. MixMode lets you jump that barrier with their AI to find threats amongst all the noise, including novel attacks designed to bypass legacy systems."

Matt Bromiley - Senior Security Analyst

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Watch the SANS First Look Webinar 
Read the SANS First Look Report
This recording is from a recently hosted SANS Webinar
Why is MixMode Different Than Traditional Cybersecurity Platforms According to SANS?